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Biobit Lab guarantees a high level of security that allows the dissemination of personal and health data, payments and intellectual property, offering a new patented technology

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

The adoption of our technology in your products ensures that the data you manage is directly protected by the owner who provided it

Any element that is a command, a certificate, an invoice, etc. it will contain the biometric trace of the owner and of his interlocutors who have treated him. It will facilitate your customers to find any information and ensuring that no one has been able to modify it, read it, transfer it to others without your consent and without privileges

Cloud Analytics Modernization

With the adoption of our technology, the cloud represents a safe place whose data can be managed only by the owner

Data Science Acceleration

The adoption of our technology allows you to use any data from any source that has had the consent of the owner. The consent resides within the data itself

Versatility in Application

Adaptable in the context where it is necessary to protect any data

Full Customer Experience Service

Any user who must communicate data, files, invoices, etc. he does it with pleasure because he doesn't have to deal with virus management or anything else

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

In the healthcare context, our solution solves the problems related to audit trail activities, decentralizing records and ensuring the quality and availability of data, by design.



The data, treated biometrically, ensures the total quality process, certified in blockchain: authenticity, immutability and non-repudiation



The exchange of data obtains the consent of the owner by design and the copyright and the right of oblivion can be exercised 'always' and 'forever'

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Are You Ready to Use Our New Technologies?

With our solution the works could be remunerated in real time to the direct author without intermediaries. Do you want an example? A photo on istagram can become an economic value for the author who can forever demonstrate his ownership of the work by recognizing its biometrics as happens in the paintings with their signature.

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