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Immerse Yourself in the New Era of Web 3.0

With our secure technology
BIODIS - Biometric Data Information Sharing - you will be able to control the spread of your files, data, commands and more.

Transfer of data and files to any cloud or server

You will be able to protect your file or data and only you will be able to manage its disclosure before transferring it to the cloud. File streams can be handled by automata which are controlled only by you. Cloud managers become your partners and you won't be just a passive customer. You will be able to communicate with the clouds where you have disseminated parts of files. Our technology will help you do all this without processing your information. It will be only you who will have the tools customized according to your needs

Controlled sharing

Manage the transfer of files and dissemination of data by sharing only with people known and authorized by you, respecting the directives of the GDPR. You can exercise the right to be forgotten when you prefer: the cancellation is immediate and controlled by you. Manage permissions by ensuring your physical identity. The ownership of your file or data can never be changed without your consent. Your interlocutors will not be able to share your flle or your data, received from you, if they have your consent

Versatility in application

You can apply it in many contexts, wherever a sharing of data that you own or generated by your devices or machinery that is owned by you is required. Robots from your industry (industry 4.0) will disclose data containing your physical identity. Your technological devices (ioT) will be able to communicate with each other by recognizing your physical identity and no other system or person will be able to replace you without your consent

Process automation and control

All tracing, such as evidence of shared documents, identity of recipients and access status, are certified in distributed blockchain systems. The activation and automation rules in an industrial chain are managed by you and injected into the equipment. The rules of the workflows are based on the physical recognition of people or automata delegated and controlled by the blockchain

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We offer services that allow you to integrate our technology into your ecosystem.

As biometric sensors you can use smartphones equipped with biometrics or, if you want an advanced level of security, hardware wallets with three-dimensional biometrics of our design and production.

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